Here are the top 10 things to visit on Island Hvar:

1. Hvar Town – explore the winding streets and historic landmarks of this charming town.

2. St. Stephen’s Cathedral – Marvel at the stunning architecture of this iconic cathedral.

3. Spanjola Fortress – visit this imposing fortress for breathtaking views of the island.

4. Hidden beaches and coves – discover the secluded spots that make Hvar so special.

5. Paklinski Islands – take a boat tour of these stunning islands and soak up the sun

6. Blue Cave – witness the magical blue glow of this natural wonder.

7. Lavender fields – stroll through the fragrant fields and take in the stunning scenery.

8. Stari Grad – visit this historic town for a glimpse into the island’s ancient past.

9. Wine tasting – sample some of the island’s delicious local wines at one of the many wineries.

10. Nightlife – dance the night away at one of Hvar’s many bars and nightclubs Make sure to book your trip to Hvar today and experience all that this enchanting island has to offer!


Hvar was an important center of the ancient Greek colony of Pharos, which was established in the 4th century BC.

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